Castel di Luco. A place of guardian souls.

A fascinating journey through time, where we preserve the links to our history and carry them passionately into the future. A place of cultural forge, contemplation and recreation, embedded in the thriving nature of our region.

Vivi il tuo capodanno indimenticabile

Regalati un fine d’anno esclusivo a Castel di Luco!  Scopri il pacchetto perfetto per rendere il tuo soggiorno indimenticabile e il viaggio su misura del tuo più profondo desiderio.

A tale of dedication and passion


Immersed in history, in time, in nature.

The reconstruction is complete, and the castle is ready to open its doors to new guests. To embrace and cherish their souls. Experience the rebirth of Castel di Luco in the footsteps of history and its protagonists.


Castel di Luco has preserved its identity throughout all times. After the restoration was carried out with great respect for the architectural art and soul of the structure, you will now be able to admire a medieval castle in its unrivalled and everlasting beauty.

Immerse yourself in a journey through time

The purpose of a fortress has always been protection and refuge, to create a small world outside of space and time. To this day, its rooms are places of retreat. A living poetry: from our refined standard room to our luxurious suites and the exclusive superior – each of our rooms is designed with great care and attention to detail, so you can let yourself be enveloped by the protective atmosphere and the storytelling stones of the castle.

Places that bear witness to the book of life

In areas dedicated to the refreshment of the body and the mind, immerse yourself in the happenings that have shaped life in the castle throughout the centuries– and let your own stories and memories flow into the stones of this ancient fortress.


A corner of the castle dedicated to peace and relaxation. A wide range of drinks to choose from. And a space to rediscover the beauty of sitting still, savoring the humble moment and inviting inspiration to come along.


In this room you can calm down and relax your mind. Welcome to a room dedicated to true well-being. Here you will find the key to balance, peace and deep serenity.


Discover our pantry – a treasure trove of typical products and local gastronomic delicacies. Each product has its own culinary story and a visit to our "pantry" takes you on a journey through the authentic flavors of our region.


A room intended for coviviality and reading, where it is possible to hold meetings and gatherings or engage in study. The “Meeting Room” can accommodate up to 20 people.

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We know that every trip is unique – and so are you. That's why we put our team at your disposal, ready to customize every detail of your stay or event.

We know that every trip is unique – and so are you. That's why we put our team at your disposal, ready to customize every detail of your stay or event. Would you like to immerse yourself in a place that represents and protects the local culture and cuisine like no other?

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