Standart Rooms

Every stone, every arch and every room tells a story from many centuries past.


A refined and elegant standard room for two people. It consists of two spaces: a small study to gather your thoughts and connect with your creativity. And a spacious sleeping area of 35 square meters with a comfortable king size bed.



Standard double room. An elegant retreat for two. The Giacinta is located on the second floor of the castle and offers two wonderful views: of the castle's inner courtyard and the surrounding green spaces. Painted ceilings and walls characterize the unique atmosphere of this room.


Comfortable standard double room for two people, located on the second floor. It enjoys an exclusive view of the medieval village of Paggese. The painted ceiling and walls add to the charming atmosphere of this room.



Standard double room with a panoramic terrace that overlooks the Sibillini Mountains National Park and from which you can admire the wonderful scenery.


Standard double room. A romantic and cozy retreat for two. Located on the second floor of the castle, it has a beautiful view of the striking natural landscape of the Sibillini Mountains. The ceiling is decorated with the restored and typical paintings of our area.


The castle’s rooms

Our rooms are places of contemplation, retreat and living poetry: from our refined standard room to our luxurious suites and the exclusive superior – each of our rooms is designed with great care and attention to detail, so that you can let yourself be enveloped by the protective atmosphere and the storytelling stones of the castle. PACCHETTI OFFERS PACCHETTI CASTEL