Discover our history and breathe the atmosphere

The pages are opened again. A book written by life, hope, beauty and rebirth. Become a part of our new chapter. Write your own stories – and immerse yourself in an experience that enriches your soul.

Animus Castri. The Rebirth of the Castle - a new chapter of hope and beauty.

In the heart of the green hills of Acquasanta Terme, Castel di Luco rises as a symbol of resilience and hope. Overcoming the challenges posed by the recent earthquake, the fortress today is not only an example of architectural recovery, but a vivid testimony to how beauty and history can triumph over adversity.

The rebirth of Castel di Luco is a fascinating journey of restoration. Every stone, every arch, every fresco has been lovingly cared for, combining traditional techniques with modern conservation methods. This restoration was not only an act of repair – it was one of care, respect, and honor toward a historic legacy.

Castel di Luco is coming back to life. And the tireless work of Francesco and Laura Amici, the patient custodians of its beauty and tradition (watch the interview done on Rai 3), aims to make it a hub of culture, tradition and authentic stories. This project is not only about preserving the past – but also

about creating a dynamic place, where the roots of history are intertwined with genuine values and warm community welcome.

It hosts events, art exhibitions and concerts, becoming a place where the past meets the present, where old tales merge with stories from the now. Here, the ancient dialogues with the modern – creating a unique atmosphere where visitors of all ages can connect with the treasures of time in meaningful and personal ways.

The castle – now more than ever – is a witness to the power of community and collaboration. Local residents, historians, artisans and volunteers have all contributed to its revival, demonstrating an unbreakable bond with their heritage. This spirit of unity and dedication is palpable in every corner of the castle, making it not only a place to visit, but an experience to be fully experienced and cherished.

In addition to its cultural and historical role, Castel di Luco also stands out as a Historic Mansion of rare beauty and sincerity. Our vision is to offer a retreat for those who wish to discover or rediscover the essence of life, immersing themselves in an environment that blends history, nature and tranquility. Every detail of our rooms and common areas has been taken care of with great awareness to ensure a relaxing and rejuvenating stay, without sacrificing modern comfort.

Here, within walls that tell stories of centuries, our guests can enjoy a unique experience, take on a journey through time that reconnects with the authenticity and beauty of history, while enjoying all the conveniences of today. Castel di Luco is not just a place to stay overnight, but a destination where each stay becomes part of a greater story – an experience that enriches the soul and regenerates the spirit.

Crossroads of life

Castel di Luco thus opens itself to the world, not only as a historical monument, but as a place to meet, live and relive, to exchange culture and learning, to experience life in private as well as in community. It is an invitation to participate in the continuing story of a place that despite all challenges, has found new ways to shine and inspire.

We invite you to discover the rebirth of Castel di Luco, to experience its history, to breathe in its atmosphere and make part of its vibrant community. Come see how an ancient castle is becoming a beacon of hope and beauty in our fast modern world.


A Journey through time

Unique due to its characteristic round shape, Castel di Luco, located in the municipality of Acquasanta Terme about 15 kilometers from Ascoli, is one of the rarest and most unique castles in the Piceno region that still retains, almost intact, its appearance as a medieval architectural structure.

Several hypotheses have been made about the castle’s origins: the most credited is that of Colucci, an 18th-century historian from the Marche region, who believed that Luco (from the Latin lucus) was anciently a sacred forest in whose shadows horrendous pagan rites were celebrated. The castle, therefore, would have been erected in the middle of that forest, just above the travertine knoll where the altars, on which the sacrifices once performed probably had been located.

However, written evidence of the castle can be found in a bull issued by Pope Leo IX on July 1, 1052, which is kept in the cathedral of Ascoli: it states that Bishop Bernardo Il ruled over the castle and other castles in the surrounding area.

Having survived the invasion of Charles D’Anjou’s militia and the Galeotto Malatesta’s soldiers, Castel di Luco remained the protagonist of outstanding historical events. On August 10, 1445, Pietro di Vanne Ciucci, lord of Luco, left from the castle at the head of a host of mountaineers to liberate Ascoli from the power of Rinaldo, the brother of Francesco Sforza. Once again, the mountains held high the torch of freedom. Here, in this castle, was it also that a famous bandit from Ascoli, called the Parisani, plotted the murder of Chiarino Montaroni, the man who had been entrusted with the defense of the fortress, in the summer of 1562.Treacherously the defender of the castle was called to the door, as if there was an intention to come to an agreement. Chiarino Montaroni came out and was immediately shot by an arquebus. Parisani seized the corpse and with the help of his thugs threw it into the Tronto River.

In the following centuries, the castle was transformed from a fortress into a noble residence, continuing to house the Ciucci family who owned it until 1800 – when the last heiress, Maria, went in marriage to Giuseppe Amici, who has handed down the entire property to his direct descendants to this day.

Places that bear witness to the book of life

In areas dedicated to the refreshment of the body and the mind, immerse yourself in the events and happenings that have shaped life in the castle throughout the centuries– and let your own stories and memories flow into the stones of this ancient fortress.


A corner of the castle dedicated to peace and relaxation. A wide range of drinks to choose from. And a space to rediscover the beauty of sitting still, savoring the humble moment and inviting inspiration to come along.


In this room you can calm down and relax your mind. Welcome to a room dedicated to true well-being. Here you will find the key to balance, peace and deep serenity.


Discover our pantry – a treasure trove of typical products and local gastronomic delicacies. Each product has its own culinary story and a visit to our "pantry" takes you on a journey through the authentic flavors of our region.


A room intended for coviviality and reading, where it is possible to hold meetings and gatherings or engage in study. The “Meeting Room” can accommodate up to 20 people.

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Experience Castel di Luco.

Feel like the protagonists of a fairy tale, strolling inside the ancient halls, where the fireplace whispers a story of a lady and her knight. And then, a culinary journey: let the genuine flavors of the local cuisine take your senses on a walk to a place, where tradition is preserved and innovation thrives.

Castel di Luco is not just a place to visit, but an experience to live. An immersion in history, art and traditions. Where your stay becomes part of a story yet to be written.